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With G&R Foods’ core values of fairness and honesty, in conjunction with our trusted suppliers and customers, we will strive to deliver products of the highest quality at the most competitive price, all the while treating our employees, suppliers and customers with the utmost respect.

Anhydrous milkfat is made by removal of practically all of the moisture and nonfat solids from pasteurized cream.  The 40% milkfat cream is first concentrated to 70% to 80% milkfat, and then the high-fat cream is processed through a specialized phase inversion unit or separator. The milkfat is then concentrated in separators and vacuum-dried to remove residual moisture. Anhydrous milkfat contains no less than 99.8% milkfat and not more than 0.10% moisture.

Available in 25 kg cubes and 1,000 kilo totes.

Contact Mike for AMF sales and inquiries.

Applications Include:

Processed Cheese



Food Service

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