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Mild, creamy, slightly tangy flavor with a creamy, off-white appearance.  Creamy and smooth.  Perfect for tostadas or nachos.

Natural Cheese

Processed Cheese

Imitation Cheese

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Mild flavor with a semi-hard texture.  Pale yellow appearance.  Perfect for grating onto salads or sandwiches.


Creamy ivory with blue/gray veins.  Firm and crumbly with a full, earthy flavor as a result of the blue mold in the cheese.

Blue Cheese

Ivory to creamy yellow with tiny mechanical holes.  Smooth & supple texture.  Flavor depends on age.


Usually golden, sometimes creamy white or marbled.  Smooth and firm becoming more granular and crumbly as it ages.


Golden color with a firm texture.  Mild, Cheddar-like flavor.  Perfect for shredding into soups or slicing for sandwiches.


White Monterey Jack cheese is mixed with yellow Colby cheese to make a marbled appearance.  Smooth mellow flavor and creamy texture.

Colby Jack

Ivory, buttery color with tiny mechanical holes.  Smooth, supple texture with a buttery, creamy flavor.


Mild, creamy, slightly tangy flavor with a creamy, off-white appearance.  Creamy and smooth.  Perfect for tostadas or nachos.


Natural, creamy white appearance with a delicate, buttery, slightly tart flavor.  Semi-soft, creamy texture.

Monterey Jack

Creamy white, smooth appearance with a smooth, plastic texture.  Mild, delicate, and milky flavor.


Orange or white surface withe a creamy white interior.  Semi-soft, smooth and elastic texture with mild & mellow flavor.


Pale yellow with a granular texture.  Buttery, sweet & nutty flavor.  Known as the King of Italian cheeses.


A derivative of Monterey Jack cheese flavored with sweet peppers, rosemary, habanero chilies, garlic & spicy jalapenos.

Pepper Jack

Ivory to pale beige color with a firm texture.  Full and sharp flavor that intensifies with age.  Always made with whole milk.


Rich, melting cheese originating in Mexico.  Ivory and smooth with a semi-soft texture and mild, creamy flavor.

Queso Quesadilla

Creamy white appearance with a hard, granular texture and sharp flavor.  Similar to Parmesan only sharper and more assertive.


Chalky white appearance with a crumbly texture.  Tart and salty flavor.  Cube and crumble in pasta salads, chili & lasagna.


Ivory colored with firm, large, dime-size eyes.  Mellow, buttery and nutty flavor.  

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